Sometimes the coolest ideas come out of nowhere.

This is not the case here.

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Obviously, I am not going to show you many photos from the book because it is a photobook and then you see all the photos here and you won't buy it.
What do you think I am? An idiot?
In case though you want to have the *full* book, you can download it for free from here.
I only ask from you to say thanks on Twitter, post the website and maybe post a picture of your hands while you eat a burrito. Come on, you are getting the book for free!

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This is Jon

This has been a passion project for the last five years. And by passion, I mean I totally forgot about it. And by last five years I mean the last 3 months. But you get my point.

The most difficult thing for a grown up to do, is *not* to think like a grown up - at least all the time. I am (hashtag) blessed that I think like a child most of the time and occusianally I behave like an adult. And yes, I google how "occasionally" is written but I decided not to correct it. Why? Because.

I hope that this book will make you laugh (come on, at least smile!) and maybe decide to create. Who knows, maybe decide that you want to send me some images about the upcoming book "What YOU do with your hands". Whateves.

Never forget. We are all awesome.
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